Alfa Romeo Giulia (2014)

Alfa Romeo Giulia
Alfa Romeo
Body and chassis
Compact executive car
Body style
4-door sedan
5-door station wagon
Alfa Romeo 159
The Alfa Romeo Giulia is an upcoming compact executive car model by Alfa Romeo, it will replace the 159 and it is planned to be unveiled in 2014 as sedan and station wagon body styles.


The engines will likely be various Multijet diesels and petrols, with a V6 as the top powertrain, which may be the only engine available in the US.
Alfa have also confirmed a new 1.8 litre 300 PS (221 kW; 296 hp) engine, which may replace the Alfa Romeo V6, with production of this new engine starting in the next few years.
The 1750TBi will probably be used as well. In the 159, this engine produces 200 PS (147 kW; 197 hp), however the Giulietta QV (Quadrifoglio Verde (Green Cloverleaf)) version of this powertrain produces 235 PS (173 kW; 232 hp).
The Giulia will probably be available with a 6 speed manual, and the new AlfaTCT, twin clutch, 6 speed semi-automatic. There is still some uncertainty what platform the car will use, it can also be a RWD car.

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  1. Thanks for this info - it helps to round out the story and sounds like this is mostly info for the US version.
    Here is our site roundup so far,

    why not join in the discussion on this most exciting car. Also keen to know why you thought to label it compact executive.


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