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The Hummer H2 is an SUV and SUT that was marketed by General Motors under the Hummer brand. It is a large truck (slimmer than the Hummer H1), while longer, lighter, and taller with room for six passengers (including driver), seven passengers in some models. The rearmost part of the H2 SUV was modified to a pickup truck bed for the 2005 H2 SUT ("Sport Utility Truck"). The Hummer H2 was the only one of the trucks to have the letters HUMMER between the grille. The H2 SUT is considered a pick-up truck for its abilities to haul cargo with an extendable box to reach 6 feet in length. This makes the SUT able to haul the same cargo most trucks can haul.
Am General and General Motors
USA: 2003 – 2009
Mishawaka, Indiana, United States
Kaliningrad, Russia (Avtotor)
Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Full-size SUV
Body style
4-door crew cab truck
4-door SUV
Front engine Four-wheel drive
GMT913 (SUT)
6.0L 325 hp (242 kW) V8 (2003–07)
6.2L 393 hp (293 kW) V8 (2008–09)
4L65E 4-speed (2003–2007)
6L80E 6-speed (2008–2009)
SUT: 3,119 mm (122.8 in)
SUV: 3,119 mm (122.8 in)
SUT: 5,169 mm (203.5 in)
SUV: 5,169 mm (203.5 in)
2,065 mm (81.3 in)
2,007 mm (81.3 in)
2003-05: 1,976 mm (77.8 in)
Curb weight
6.2L 3,000 kg (6,614 lbs)
6.0L 2,900 kg (6,400 lbs)
Hummer H1
Hummer H3
Hummer H3T


Hummer H2 "sport utility truck".
The H2 was built under contract by AM General at a specially constructed plant in MishawakaIndianaUSA. The H2's final frame assembly is made up of 3 sections: The front uses a modified GM 2500-Series utility frame, the midsection is all new and is completely boxed, and the rear section uses a modified GM 1500-Series frame which is upgraded for the 8,600 pounds (3,900 kg) gross vehicle weight.
The H2 was nominated for the North American Truck of the Year award for 2003.
Hummer launched a special 2009 Black Chrome Limited Edition version of the truck.
Rod Hall racing have won their class several times in Hummer H3 and H2 in the Baja 1000.
A Hummer H2 limousine
Yellow Hummer H2


  • 2003–2004 6000 6.0 L (366 in³) V8

- 316 hp @ 5200 rpm
- 0-60 times: 10.9 sec

  • 2005–2007 6000 6.0 L (366 in³) V8

- 325 hp @ 5200 rpm
- 0-60 times: 10.7 sec

  • 2008–2009 6200 6.2 L V8

- 393 hp @ 5700 rpm
- 0-60 times: 9.5 sec


The H2 has a light duty truck frame and has a wider-than-average track firm that may offer stability against overturning compared to some of the more common light truck SUVs, although objective tests have not been performed by the government or other outside parties due to its specialized vehicle class. It was marketed as both a general purpose vehicle and as an off-road vehicle. The objective of GM's mass marketing was to maximize sales, and the H2 is primarily used as a passenger vehicle on typical roads. Along with the Ford Excursion the H2 was also the base for a limousine conversion.

Fuel economy

General Motors is not required to provide official H2 fuel economy ratings due to the vehicle's GVWR.
10 mpg-US (24 L/100 km; 12 mpg-imp) / 4.3 km/l
Car and Driver
9 mpg-US (26 L/100 km; 11 mpg-imp) / 3.8 km/l
9 mpg-US (26 L/100 km; 11 mpg-imp) / 3.8 km/l
11.2 mpg-US (21.0 L/100 km; 13.5 mpg-imp) / 4.8 km/l
Four Wheeler
10.8 mpg-US (21.8 L/100 km; 13.0 mpg-imp) / 4.6 km/l

Tax benefits in the United States

Under the United States income tax code, the cost of vehicles over 6,000 pounds (2,700 kg) can be deducted from specific forms of income. This deduction was enacted decades ago to assist self-employed people in purchasing a vehicle for business use. The weight minimum was intended to limit the deduction to commercial-type trucks. For many years, the deduction remained below the average cost of a new vehicle, since large trucks were relatively inexpensive. Since it is a reduction in taxable income, the actual value of this deduction averages 30% of the price of the vehicle in question.
The increasing popularity of these commercial vehicles in the last decade, however, pushed their average price to nearly double the average passenger car cost. In response, the 2002 Tax Act increased this "Section 179 depreciation deduction" to US$75,000, and it rose again to US$102,000 for the 2004 tax year. This is more than three times the current average cost of a passenger car in the United States and covers a large number of luxury models, including the Hummer H2. In late 2006, the deduction was again reduced to US$25,000 for vehicles with GVWR between 6,000 lb (2,700 kg) and 14,000 lb (6,400 kg).
Base price MSRP in 2008 for the H2 was $53,286.
2006 Hummer lineup: H3, H1, and H2 (L-R)


Standard features

Standard features include air conditioning w/tri-zone climate controls, tilt leather-wrapped steering wheel w/radio controls, cruise control, leather upholstery, heated front and rear seats, 8-way power front seats, dual memory system, BOSE premium sound system, 6-disc CD changer, outside-temperature indicator, compass, rear radio controls, independent front and rear suspension specially created for the H2, oversized tires with HUMMER rims, universal garage door opener and remote engine start (2008–2009).

Optional features

Options for the H2 include adjustable rear suspension, a wide power sunroof, rear view camera, DVD entertainment system, navigation system, ladder, custom grilles, side step bars, 20" Chrome HUMMER rims (slightly different from stock rims).

Yearly American sales

Calendar Year
Total American sales
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