Škoda Felicia (1959–1964)

AZNP (Škoda Auto)
1959 - 1964
Škoda 450
Body style
2-door convertible
FR layout
1.1 L I4
1.2 L I4
Škoda Octavia (1959-1971)
For the Škoda Felicia of 1994 to 2001, see Škoda Felicia.

The Škoda Felicia is an automobile which was produced by AZNP from 1959 to 1964.
The Felicia was introduced in 1959 as a 2-door convertible, replacing the Škoda 450. Able to seat five persons, it was equipped with a folding hood and a plastic hardtop. Styling is similar to that of the contemporary Škoda Octavia. The Felicia was offered only with a 1089 cc four-cylinder engine however a Felicia Super model was introduced in 1961 powered by a larger 1221 cc four. A total of 14,863 Felicias were produced.
The Felicia name was resurrected by Škoda in 1994 for a new model Škoda Felicia.

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  1. Skoda Felicia Cabriolet was launched in 1959 like a 2-door transformable, replacing the Škoda 450. Capable to seat five persons, it had been equipped with a folding cover and a plastic hard top. Styling is comparable to that of the contemporary Škoda Octavia. The Felicia was offered just with a 1089 cc 4cyl engine nevertheless a Felicia Super unit was released in 1961 run by a bigger 1221 closed circuit four. An overall total of 16, 863 Felicias were created


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