Proton P2-30A

The Proton P2-30A, also known as Proton Global Small Car is a five-door city car in development by Malaysian automobile manufacturer Proton. It is scheduled for a 2014 or 2015 launch and will succeed the Proton Savvy. The P2-30A will be powered by a new generation of Proton engines and will be designed with a larger emphasis on international markets.
Also called
Proton Global Small Car (GSC)
Proton Savvy
City car / A-segment
Body style
5-door hatchback
Front-engine, front-wheel drive


One of three Proton EMAS concepts at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show
Plans for a Proton Savvy replacement were first revealed with the introduction of the Proton EMAS hybrid city cars at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. The EMAS concept cars were designed by Italdesign Giugiaro and are related to the Lotus Ethos, a similar concept car from Proton's British subsidiary. Proton and Lotus wish to jointly develop the global small car, where the Proton versions will be aimed at the budget conscious and the Lotus models being focused on the equally alluring hot hatch market. However, since the announcement, Proton has undergone a change in ownership and further details on the joint-venture have not been publicized. Proton has also considered a tie-up with Mitsubishi Motors in 2011 regarding the development of Proton's upcoming small car.
In March 2013, the first spy shot of a testing unit was uploaded online. It revealed a heavily-masked Proton Savvy with altered interior features and possibly powered by the next generation Proton NFE engine.

Proton Naming Contest

From 25th June to 25th July 2013, Proton had a naming contest called "Nama Siapa Hebat". It is said that the car would be stylish and practical. The contest was opened to all Malaysian citizens with a valid Malaysian ID Card. The name is said that has to be in Malay but also suitable for international use. Hinting from the name and the description of the car, it is a possiblity that Proton will launch this car internationally. There is also RM120,000 worth of prizes, with the first prize is the particular car in the Premium automatic transmission variant that he/she named and the second being a 3 days 2 nights trip to Rebak Island Resort Langkawi with RM3000 cash.
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