Alpha Sports

ASP 320 G model, running a Toyota 4AGE 20 Valve 1.6 L twin cam engine
Alpha Sports (ASP) is an Australian kit car manufacturer. It makes sports cars originally based on the styling of the Lotus Seven but have evolved to construct their own distinctive designs.
In the 1960s Rory Thompson (in company with Ray Lewis) built Lotus 7 type cars as "Bacchus Clubman". They used BMC B-Series 1500 engines. Later they were called ASP, Alpha Sports Productions, with a workshop located at Alpha House, Alpha Street, Kensington, Adelaide, Australia. The first car and a few later ones used Ford 1500 engines, however most early ASP's (road and race)used Toyota 3-K 1200 / 1300 pushrod engines.
Currently the company build an ASP 320 G Clubman using the Toyota 4AGE 20 Valve 1.6 liter DOHC. The chassis can fit other engines and some owners are currently building with the mew Mazda engines.
The larger ASP 350/570 fitted with V6 and V8 engines respectively. The chassis design allows a wide variety of engines may be fitted. The cars were designed to be built use Holden engines and drive trains.
Alpha Sports cars are still in production in Adelaide, South Australia, with over 15 cars in production and several inquiries. All models of ASP are currently still being built with plans to construct a new more modern vehicle to suit the changing preferences in the motor industry.

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