Bolwell is an Australian company that originally produced sports cars between 1962 and 1979. A new company of the same name began production of new cars in 2009 after several years of concept and show cars.
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The Mk IV was a kit car, offered as a coupe with gull wing doors and as an open sports car. Over 200 were produced between 1962 and 1964.

Mk V

75 Mk V coupes were produced between 1964 and 1966, using mostly Holden components.


The Mk VI, also known as the SR6, was a one off mid-engined sports racing car built in 1968.


Bolwell Mk VII
400 examples of the MK VII coupe were produced between 1967 and 1971, mostly as kits but also in fully built form. Later kits from around 1969 onwards were built by Kadala Cars for Bolwell. Last version cars had Nagari Dash and gauges, Nagari Seats, Nagari pedal box and Nagari style rear suspension linkages.

Mk VIII Nagari

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Bolwell Mk VIII Nagari
The Mk VIII, better known as the Bolwell Nagari, was a Ford V8 powered model, offered from 1970. Fully built in the Bolwell factory, it was initially offered in coupe form only, a convertible being available from 1972. Production ceased in 1974 with 100 coupes and 18 convertibles having been produced.

Mk IX Ikara

Bolwell Mk IX Ikara
The Mk IX Ikara, which was conceived in 1979, was a mid-engined sports car powered by a 1600cc Volkswagen Golf 4-cylinder engine. It utilized a space frame chassis and fiberglass body panels without doors. There were only 12 examples ever produced.

Mk X Nagari

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Bolwell Mk X Nagari
A new Bolwell Nagari, the Mk X, was launched at the Melbourne Motor Show in March 2008. Production commenced in 2009.

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