Ford XP Falcon

Ford XP Falcon Sedan
Ford XP Falcon
Ford Australia
Also called
Ford XP Fairmont
February 1965 – September 1966
Body and chassis
Body style
4 door sedan
4 door station wagon
2 door hardtop
2 door coupe utility
2 door panel van
Front-engine, rear-wheel drive
144ci (2.3L) Straight-6 OHV
170ci (2.8L) Straight-6 OHV
200ci (3.3L) Straight-6 OHV
3-speed manual
2-speed "Fordomatic"automatic
3-speeed automatic
2,781 mm (109.5 in)
4,658 mm (183.4 in)
1,781 mm (70.1 in)
1,420 mm (55.9 in)
Curb weight
1,175 kg (2,590 lb)
Ford XM Falcon
Ford XR Falcon
The Ford XP Falcon is an automobile which was produced by Ford Australia from 1965 to 1966.


The XP Falcon was introduced in March 1965 replacing the XM Falcon which had been in production since 1964. It was the final series of the first generation Falcon which had been introduced as the XK Falcon in 1960. The main change from the XM was the 'torque box' steel subframe which added structural rigidity to the car. This was a key in improving the public perception of the car as the early models were considered flimsy and were unpopular with Australian fleet buyers.
The running gear and most other components stayed the same from the XM through to the XP. The Utility and Wagons models had five-stud wheels for additional strength and a lower ratio differential for better low speed performance. The high end Falcon Futuras and Fairmonts came with 14 inch wheels whereas other models had 13 inch. Fairmonts featured bucket seats, the 200ci Super Pursuit engine and a padded dash as standard. Vacuum assisted brakes were standard in the Fairmont and Hardtop models.

Model range

The XP Falcon passenger car range was initially offered in 4-door sedan, 2-door hardtop and 5-door station wagon body styles marketed as:

  • Falcon Standard Sedan
  • Falcon Standard Station Wagon
  • Falcon Deluxe Sedan
  • Falcon Deluxe Hardtop
  • Falcon Deluxe Station Wagon
  • Falcon Futura Sedan
  • Falcon Futura Hardtop
  • Falcon Squire Station Wagon
In September 1965 the Falcon Futura Sedan and Falcon Squire Station Wagon were replaced by two new Fairmont models marketed as:

  • Fairmont Sedan
  • Fairmont Station Wagon
The XP Falcon commercial vehicles range was offered in 2-door coupe utility and 2-door panel van body styles marketed as:

  • Falcon Standard Utility
  • Falcon Deluxe Utility
  • Falcon Sedan Delivery
Ford XP Fairmont Sedan
Ford XP Falcon Deluxe Utility
Ford XP Falcon Hardtop
Ford XP Falcon Squire Wagon
Ford XP Falcon Utility

Production and replacement

Production of the XP Falcon range totaled 70,998 vehicles prior to its replacement by the XR Falcon in September 1966.

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