Proton Perdana (second generation)

Proton Perdana
Second generation
Also called
Proton Perdana Replacement Model (PRM)
Q4 2013–present
Model years
Malacca, Malaysia
Body and chassis
Mid-size car / D-segment
Body style
4-door saloon
Front-engine, front-wheel drive
Honda Accord (eighth generation)
Proton Perdana (first generation)
The second generation Proton Perdana, codenamed Proton Perdana Replacement Model (PRM) is a four-door mid-size saloon from Malaysianautomobile manufacturer, Proton. It was unveiled on 11 December 2013 as the successor to the original Proton Perdana. The second generation Perdana is a badge engineered eighth generation Honda Accord and is currently for exclusive sale to Malaysian civil servants and government officials.
Perdana is the Malay word for Prime.



The Proton Perdana was first introduced in 1995 to serve the niche Malaysian luxury market segment which consisted of vehicles with engine displacement of 2,000cc and above. Proton considered a replacement for the Perdana in 2004 under a tie-up with German automotive conglomerate,Volkswagen and again in 2005 with Mitsubishi Motors Australia for its 380. However, both ventures were unfruitful and the Perdana continued in production up until 2010. Proton signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Nissan in 2011 with the intention of rebadging the Nissan Fuga/Infiniti M for exclusive sale to Malaysian government officials, but no further developments occurred and the venture was abandoned.
On 29 October 2012, Proton entered a collaboration with Honda Motor Company, Ltd. Both companies have agreed to explore collaboration opportunities in the areas of technology enhancement, new product line up and the sharing of vehicle platforms and facilities. In April 2013, it was revealed that the Proton Perdana Replacement Model (PRM) would most likely be based on a Honda Accord chassis, and be powered by Proton's newly acquired range of Petronas E01e 1.8, 2.0 and 2.2 litre engines. Furthermore, it will not be limited to government officials, and will also serve as an instrument to Honda's expansion into the Malaysian market. Additionally, the name Proton Suprima was filed for trademark status under the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) in January 2013, where the name Suprima has its roots in the English word Supreme, widely speculated and deemed fitting for the Proton PRM's official product name. However, on 14 August 2013, a spyshot of a Proton P3-22A test drive unit confirmed the name Proton Suprima S as the final and official product name of the hatchback complement of the Proton Prevé instead.
On 7 November 2013, spyshots revealed that the PRM would indeed be based on the North American eighth generation Honda Accord. The PRM will launch in two phases, the first in mid-December for sale exclusively to the Malaysian government and the second within the next 2 years for the Malaysian Domestic Market. Around 3,000 units of the PRM will be produced initially to replace the ageing Proton Perdana V6 fleet in use by civil servants. It is not known whether the PRM would be exported to other countries, although such plans are highly unlikely judging from the Proton Inspira's marketing strategy. Unlike the Inspira, which was sold alongside the Mitsubishi Lancer which it was based on, the PRM will present no marketing conflicts to its sister car, as Honda Malaysia has already launched the new ninth generation Honda Accord on 4 September 2013.


On 11 December 2013, the long anticipated second generation Proton Perdana was unveiled at an official ceremony in Putrajaya. It is officially badged simply as the Proton Perdana, but it has also been dubbed the New-look Proton Perdana by local media. The second generation Perdana has thus become the second Proton car after the Saga to use an existing nameplate.
Three versions of the Perdana were unveiled, namely 2.0 and 2.4 litre models, as well as a custom long-wheelbase edition. Only two long-wheelbase editions have been produced for exclusive use by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak and Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, Muhyiddin Yassin. All other second generation Perdanas are standard models powered by Honda's 2.0L R20A3 I4 and 2.4L K24Z2 I4 engines. No other performance figures have been made public. Although largely identical to the eighth generation Honda Accord which it is based on, the new Perdana features unique exterior elements such as the Proton Wings signature façade, mirror mounted L.E.D. turn signals and twin five-spoke alloy rims. The stretched Perdana belonging to Najib Razak also bears a special W 11 N license plate. Proton has thus far delivered 200 units to the Malaysian government at launch. The new Perdana is assembled at Honda Malaysia's plant in Alor Gajah, Malacca.
On 2 March 2014 at 00:01 MST, a convoy of second generation Proton Perdanas fitted with national and state flags were driven across the Penang Second Bridge during its opening ceremony, cueing the national anthem.
On 18 April 2014, during a two-day bilateral visit to Turkey, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak presented a new Proton Perdana limousine to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as a celebratory gift marking the 50th anniversary of Malaysia–Turkey relations. Uniquely, this specific Perdana is a left-hand drive (LHD) example, and is thus far the only known all-new Proton Perdana to be exported out of Malaysia. Additionally, Turkey has historically been a strong market for Proton, and the company plans to introduce the new Prevé and Suprima S models in the country by 2014.

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