Car base Bantuan untuk pemandu 2020 Kia Soul How To Turn On Mood Lighting?

2020 Kia Soul How To Turn On Mood Lighting?

2020 Kia Soul How To Turn On Mood Lighting
You can customize your vehicle′s lighting to create a variety of atmospheres. You can also set the lighting to change according to the mood of the music you are playing. Warning For your safety, you cannot change the sound-reactive mood light settings while the vehicle is moving. Park your vehicle in a safe location before changing the settings.

On the Home screen, press All Menus > Sound Mood Lamp,

Press Sound Mood Lamp to activate the sound-reactive mood light.


  • Select a lighting mode and customize the lighting settings.
  • ol>

  • Display the options list.
    1. Display Off (if equipped): Turn off the screen. Press the screen to turn it back on.
    2. Reset : Reset your sound-reactive mood light settings to the default values.
    3. Manual : Access the web manual via the QR code. For safety reasons, you can access the QR code only when your vehicle is stationary.

    Return to the previous level.

    Select a color theme. Based on the selected color theme, the interior lighting changes its colors in various patterns.

    Select the color of the lighting. The lighting provides a continuous soft glow effect in the selected color.

    Activate the sound-reactive mood light.

    Select a theme or color according to the selected lighting mode.

    Synchronize the lighting with the playing music.

    Adjust the brightness level of the lighting.


    • If synchronization is activated, the lighting is turned off when you do not play music or the system is muted.
    • When a door is open, the lighting is automatically turned off.
    • Depending on the vehicle model or specifications, displayed screens and available functions may vary.

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    Does the 2020 Kia Soul have mood lighting?

    Does the Soul mood lighting work with music? – Of course the mood lighting in the 2020 Kia Soul works with music. The lights surround the front speakers and cup holders and they will pulse and change color with the music to give you an audiovisual experience like you have never been a part of in a car before. It will be like you’re at a rock concert.
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    Does the Kia Soul have mood lights?

    Mood Lighting to Suit Your Taste Kia Soul makers know the subtle ways light and music can impact your mood. So in their latest 2020 Soul version, they have provided six different lighting modes to pump you up, even if you want something calm and peaceful or something more energetic and wild.
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    Which Kia models have mood lighting?

    2. Kia K900 – The K900 is Kia’s flagship luxury sedan and offers many features that make driving more enjoyable. Part of K900’s luxury features is the Mood Lighting System, Kia’s ambient lighting technology version. The K900 Mood Lighting System gives users 64 different color options for the in-cabin ambient light.

    In particular, we like the nature-inspired color tones developed by Kia in collaboration with the Pantone Institute. Some of these natural colors include Refreshing Sea, Dreamy Purple, Blue Flight, Aurora Violet, and Golden Insight. Kia placed the ambient lighting elements in different locations within the cabin to give a more immersive experience.

    Ambient lighting locations on the K900 include the overhead console, footwells, and door panels.
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    What is mode on Kia Soul?

    The drive mode may be selected according to the driver’s preference or road condition. The mode changes whenever the DRIVE MODE knob is turned.

    1. NORMAL mode: NORMAL mode provides soft driving and comfortable riding.
    2. ECO mode: ECO mode improves fuel efficiency for eco-friendly driving.
    3. SPORT mode: SPORT mode provides sporty but firm riding.

    The driving mode will be set to NORMAL or ECO mode when the engine is restarted. If it is in NORMAL/SPORT/ECO mode, NORMAL mode will be set, when the engine is restarted. When the Drive Mode is set to ECO mode, the engine and transmission control logic are changed to maximize fuel efficiency.

    • When ECO mode is selected by turning the Drive mode knob, the ECO indicator will illuminate.
    • If the vehicle is set to ECO mode, when the engine is turned OFF and restarted the Drive Mode setting will revert back to NORMAL mode. If ECO mode is desired, reselect ECO mode from the knob.
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    Fuel efficiency depends on the driver’s driving habit and road condition. When ECO mode is activated:

    • The acceleration response may be slightly reduced if the accelerator pedal is engaged moderately.
    • The shift pattern of the automatic transmission may change.

    The above situations are normal conditions when ECO mode is activated to improve fuel efficiency. Limitation of ECO mode operation: If the following conditions occur while ECO mode is operating, the system operation is limited even though there is no change in the ECO indicator.

    When driving the vehicle with the Automatic/DCT/IVT transmission gear shift lever in sport mode. The system will be limited according to the shift location.

    SPORT mode manages the driving dynamics by automatically adjusting the steering effort, and the engine and transmission control logic for enhanced driver performance.

    • When SPORT mode is selected by turning the knob, the SPORT indicator will illuminate.
    • Whenever the engine is restarted, the Drive Mode will revert back to NORMAL mode. If SPORT mode is desired, re-select SPORT mode from the knob.
    • When SPORT mode is activated:
      • The engine rpm will tend to remain raised over a certain length of time even after releasing the accelerator.
      • Upshifts are delayed when accelerating.

    In SPORT mode, the fuel efficiency may decrease.
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    What is interior mood lighting in a car?

    Interior modifications can completely transform your car, making the entire driving experience and feel of your vehicle more enjoyable. Posted at 16:43h in by Ambient or is a subtle way of giving the inside of your vehicle a slick renovation, as it can instantly change the ambience and appearance of your car, while highlighting all of the best aspects of your interior.
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    What are puddle lights on Kia Soul?

    Product Description – The 2020-2023 Kia Soul Puddle Lights are custom designed LED Puddle Lights illuminate the entrance to your vehicle from underneath the vehicle. Create a new experience for you with your new Soul! Adding the Soul Puddle Lights gives you a custom-look! The Soul LED Puddle Lights come with detailed installation instructions and all necessary hardware and wiring.
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    What is ambience lighting?

    3 Basic Types of Lighting The single most important concept in creating a good lighting plan for the home is to use an array of different types of lighting. “My best advice whatever you’re doing, whatever you want to achieve, is to create three layers of lighting—ambient, task and accent,” says Patricia Rizzo of the Lighting Research Center.

    1. Too many people make the mistake of expecting one type of lighting to do it all.
    2. Each type meets a particular need.
    3. Also called general lighting, ambient lighting provides overall illumination for a room, and is intended to create a uniform light level throughout a space, independent of any special lighting that may be needed in targeted areas of a room.

    In most home settings, when a person steps into a room and flips on a switch, ambient lighting illuminates the space. Ambient lighting takes many forms, including: ceiling-mounted or recessed fixtures that direct light downwards; wall sconces or floor-lamp torchieres that wash the walls with light; cove, soffit and valance lighting that bounces light off ceilings and walls.

    • Charles Thomas Photography Targeted to a particular area of a room, task lighting is intended to illuminate a specific function.
    • Areas of a home that require task lighting include kitchen counters where food will be prepared; living room seating areas where reading will take place; and home office desk surfaces where paperwork will be done.

    In a kitchen, under-cabinet lighting provides task lighting for a countertop; in a living room, a table lamp is often used for task lighting to accommodate reading. Also called highlighting, accent lighting draws attention to a particular object, such as artwork, sculpture, plants or bookcases.

    1. Accent lighting is often used outdoors, to highlight a beautiful tree, plant or water feature, or to draw the eye to a particular area of the landscape.
    2. Recessed or track lighting is often used for accent lighting, with adjustable fittings that allow light to be focused precisely even on a small object.

    When planning the layers of light in a room, it usually makes sense to consider the ambient lighting first, then consider task and accent lighting. “I like to move from general to specific when planning the lighting for a room,” says lighting designer Markus Earley of Providence, R.I.

    With rooms that are heavily task-oriented, however, such as home offices, some designers focus on task lighting first. And in a hallway that doubles as a photo or art gallery, accent lighting might be the first consideration. “It’s so important to think about how you really use a space, and what you do in specific rooms,” says interior designer Bruce Fox, partner at Wells & Fox, which has offices in Chicago and Boston.

    “Only then you can start to identify where you need task lighting and accent lighting.” : 3 Basic Types of Lighting
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    What is illumination in Kia?

    Adjusting instrument cluster illumination (if equipped) – The brightness of the instrument panel illumination is changed by pressing the illumination control button (“+” or “-“) when the ignition switch or ENGINE START/STOP button is ON, or the tail lights are turned on. Never adjust the instrument cluster while driving. This could result in loss of control and lead to an accident that may cause death, serious injury, or property damage.

    If you hold the illumination control button (“+” or “-“), the brightness will be changed continuously. If the brightness reaches to the maximum or minimum level, an alarm will sound.

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    What are Kia puddle lights?

    With Kia puddle lights, you get to add convenience and style to your car. These custom designed LED puddle lights illuminate from under the car, lighting both the driver and passenger entrances making it more convenient to see at night.
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    Can you change the light color on your car?

     3. Easy to Remove – Maybe a few years down the line you decide that you want to switch up the color of your car again. Perhaps you get tired of the color in a few years. If you went the traditional paint job route, then the results are permanent. There is no way for you to switch out the color besides getting an entirely new paint job.

    That means forfeiting several hundred (if not thousands) more dollars to change the color of your car. However, with a color-changing wrap job, you can remove the color at any time. If you want to go back to the old color before you sell the car, no problem. If you want to switch up the color once more, we can do that too!  The wrap will not harm the paint underneath, meaning you can switch out the colors as you see fit.

    Whether it’s changing the color on a company vehicle or a personal car, the wrap job makes it easy to accomplish and easier to remove.
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    Can you change the interior light color of your car?

    What Are Custom Interior Car Lights? – Custom interior car lights are usually LED lights that you add to your vehicle’s cabin. They offer the following benefits:

    Don’t require the use of your battery: Depending on the type of custom interior car lights that you use, you don’t necessarily have to connect them to your battery Long-lasting: When using LED lights on your vehicle’s interior, they tend to last longer than other types of lights Improve your chances of selling: Custom lights can make your vehicle stand out, which can help improve your chances of selling Show off your personality: Installing custom lights is a good way to show off your personality and really enjoy your vehicle

    You can get creative when installing custom interior car lights. You may choose brighter white lights, or go with multi-colors that change. LED lights are one of the most common types of lights used in a car’s interior. That is because they use a semiconductor method to emit light, which means it won’t burn out like other types of bulbs.
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    How do I change the mode on my Kia?

    Press SETUP > Vehicle > Drive mode. Select the desired items. MY DRIVE MODE / CUSTOM: Drive mode is set based on the user selection. Powertrain: You can select a powertrain mode by ECO, COMFORT, SPORT, SPORT+, SMART, or SNOW.
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    What is Comfort mode Kia?

    What Are the Kia Drive Mode Select Modes? – The Kia Drive Mode Select system provides drivers with up to six modes to choose from – that may differ based on the Kia model you choose. Drive modes that you may find in the Kia Drive Mode Select arsenal include – NORMAL Mode, ECO Mode, SPORT Mode, COMFORT Mode, SMART Mode and CUSTOM Mode.

    • Chosen drive modes will display on the digital information display.
    • NORMAL Mode – The perfect combination of power, fuel economy, steering and throttle response, NORMAL Mode is intended for your daily drive.
    • ECO Mode – Is efficient fuel economy at the top of your wish list? ECO Mode will limit throttle response and reconfigure transmission shift points to prioritize fuel economy over performance.
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    SPORT Mode – A highlight of the 2020 Kia Stinger, SPORT Mode will allow the transmission to shift at higher RPMs and will sharpen steering and throttle response to provide you with unrivaled thrills. COMFORT Mode – A hallmark of Kia models with an adaptive suspension system, COMFORT Mode will soften the suspension to provide you with a flawless and luxurious ride at every turn.

    1. SMART Mode – Kia models with SMART Mode capabilities will customize performance to fit your driving style.
    2. SMART Mode will automatically adjust performance to focus on speed when your driving style dictates it or comfort when you are in a leisurely mood.
    3. CUSTOM Mode – Do you want to truly customize performance in your Kia? CUSTOM Mode will allow you to manually set suspension, throttle, steering and transmission parameters to meet your needs.

    READ MORE: How Does Kia Dynamax™ AWD Work? Are you new to the Kia brand? Are you looking for a way to amp up performance? You may want to know – how does Kia Drive Mode Select work? Learn more about Kia Drive Mode Select with this in-depth overview created by Concord Kia.
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    Should driving mode be on or off?

    On Pixel 3 and later, you can set Do Not Disturb or Android Auto to turn on when you’re driving. On your Pixel 2, you can set Do Not Disturb to turn on when you’re driving. For the best phone experience while driving:

    • To avoid distractions from your phone, set up Do Not Disturb.
    • If you need to see or touch your phone while driving, use driving mode with Android Auto.
    • If your car has Android Auto built in, use your car’s display, not driving mode. Learn about Android Auto,

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    What features does the 2020 Kia Soul have?

    The base LX has decent features that include 16-inch steel wheels, automatic headlights, a height-adjustable driver’s seat, rear privacy glass, hill start assist, a rearview camera, a 7-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and a six-speaker audio system.
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    Is Kia discontinuing the Kia Soul?

    2023 Kia Soul Gets Cheekier Looks, Higher Price, Drops Turbo

    Kia has updated the for 2023 with new front- and rear-end designs. The Turbo model and X-Line trim level have been dropped from the lineup. The 2023 Soul will arrive at dealerships in late summer.

    UPDATE 6/29/22: Pricing for the 2023 Soul starts at $21,085, a modest $500 increase. The EX trim is also up by $500 and starts at $24,885, while both the S ($23,585) and GT-Line ($24,685) trims are up by $700 compared with last year. Kia has been working to simplify the Soul lineup for a few years now: after dropping the last year, it’s now killing off the optional 201-horsepower Turbo engine and the rugged-looking X-Line trim level along with the 2023 Soul’s facelift.

    This leaves the Soul’s sole engine option as a 147-hp naturally aspirated 2.0-liter inline-four with a continuously variable automatic transmission., this version got to 60 mph in 8.0 seconds, while the Turbo did the deed in 6.4 seconds. The trim levels that remain include LX, S, EX, and GT-Line. Kia All of those models benefit from new styling for 2023, which includes reshaped headlights and a different front bumper, along with new taillights and a revised rear fascia.

    New 17- and 18-inch wheel designs complete the new look. Kia is offering two new two-tone color combinations: Surf Blue with a black roof, like you see here, and Clear White with a black roof. These both cost $345 extra and are available only on the S model.

    Pricing has risen slightly from the previous model and now starts at $21,085. But the most expensive Soul is now the EX, at $25,385, as the previous $29,000-plus Soul Turbo is no longer available. This content is imported from poll. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

    This content is imported from poll. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. : 2023 Kia Soul Gets Cheekier Looks, Higher Price, Drops Turbo
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    What is the difference in the 2020 Kia Soul models?

    The 2020 Kia Soul has come out with six trim levels – LX, S, GT-Line, X-Line, EX, and GT-Line Turbo. Besides the GT-Line Turbo trim, all of the other models are fitted with a 2.0L Inline 4-Cylinder engine. The GT-Line Turbo trim comes with a 1.6L Turbocharged Inline 4-Cylinder engine, for enhanced performance.
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