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How Fast Is The Bmw M5 Competition?

How Fast Is The Bmw M5 Competition
It’s 155mph as standard, or 190mph with the M Driver’s Pack
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How fast is the BMW M5 Competition 0 to 60?

2023 BMW M5 Review, Pricing, and Specs Some cars are big-bodied and some are thrilling. The BMW M5 is both, with a body based on the regular and a heart-and-lung transplant courtesy of the brand’s M performance division. Under the hood lives a spectacular 600-hp twin-turbo V-8 bolted to an eight-speed automatic transmission that powers all four wheels.

  1. An optional Competition package turns up the heat with 17 extra horsepower, a more soulful exhaust, stiffer suspension, and Competition badging and trim.
  2. That version rocketed to Built to handle the rigors of mountain hairpins, blasts on the autobahn, and everyday life the M5 offers a premium experience with a penchant for fireworks.

Unlike its closest competitor, the, the Bimmer’s stealthy packaging isn’t offset by a thunderous exhaust but its impressive comfort and refinement make it among the best in the premium sports sedan segment.
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Is BMW M5 competition a supercar?

7/10 The BMW M5 Competition Is A Supercar Slayer – Via: BMW Blog With a 0-60 time of around 3 seconds, and a top speed reaching the 200 mph mark, you can bet the skin of your front teeth that the BMW M5 Competition is stepping on some supercars’ toes. Take for example the Lamborghini Huracan, via BMW The Italian-built exotic supercar can reach 60 mph from a stationary position once 3.2 seconds have elapsed. That’s just 0.1 seconds quicker than the BMW M5 Comp, and since the Huracan is rear-wheel-drive, its time will be inconsistent.
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Is an M5 faster than an M3?

Is Twice The Price Twice As Nice? BMW M3 Competition Vs BMW M5 CS CarWow’s Mat Watson is moving from a M3 Competition to a BMW M5 CS (alright for some, eh?). But his press-car switcharoo gives him an opportunity to answer a question that may not have the most straightforward answer.

At nearly twice the price of the M3 Competition, is the BMW M5 CS really twice the car? While looks are pretty subjective, you might think you’d be hard pushed to find someone who prefers the to the M5 — but that person has been found in Watson, who feels the bucktoothed Bimmer is more aggressive, with its front-end growing on him.

However, from most other angles, the M5 wins, with the CS featuring some fetching Bronze accents to boot. With all-wheel drive and more, the easily wins the launch comparisons, returning a 2.88 second 0-60 mph (0-100 km/h) time vs. the rear-wheel-drive M3’s 4.96 seconds.

But it’s not only a straight-line victory for the CS. Taking both cars on a set of twisty backroads, the M3 shines as a well-tuned and honed chassis. But the M5 CS has the edge, feeling just that bit more special. Related: The synergy of BMW’s changes, many of which are incremental, means that the M5 CS feels better than its little brother.

It flies in the face of convention, as the status-quo has long been that the M3 is the more agile and track-focused of the two. However, the M5 CS manages to immerse the driver in its chassis, despite having an engine that isn’t as remarkable as you might expect.
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How fast is the 2022 BMW M5?

Hell, yes – Before you even get in, the CS looks like it means business. Peering through the window reveals heavily bolstered bucket seats in the front and the back — meaning this sedan only seats four. The carbon-fiber hood has a power bulge that would make Jon Hamm feel self-conscious and those yellow daytime runners just stare you down, constantly double-dog daring you to get in and go for a drive.

Take up the gauntlet. Get in and go. Once fired up, the tweaked 4.4-liter V8 rushes to its redline in every gear with real vigor, and because there’s less sound deadening, you get to hear the turbos woosh, wastegates flutter and the mechanical whine of the engine through the firewall. In our testing, the M5 CS rushed from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.98 seconds and crushed the quarter mile in 10.8 seconds at 127.5 mph.

Even more mind-boggling, it pulled out that time on the wrong rubber. BMW sent us this M5 CS on Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires, but it really should have been equipped with the stickier Pirelli P Zeros BMW offers as standard equipment on the CS. On the even grippier Pirellis, the CS might have been quicker still, but there’s a tire shortage right now, and we took what we could get.

Even so, the CS was able to haul itself down from 60 mph to a dead stop in 100 feet — 3 feet longer than the all-conquering Porsche 911 GT3. Just take a moment to digest that: This 4,102-pound sedan runs a consistent 10-second quarter mile and stops within a yard of one of the best sports cars ever made on the wrong set of tires.

Bananas with a capital B. But the measure of a great-driving car isn’t just what happens when you strap some timing equipment to it, and on the road the CS is dominant. It scythes and slithers its way up and down our favorite pieces of pavement. You immediately have faith in the front end.

  1. Turn the wheel and the car darts in whatever direction you’ve decided.
  2. There is no slop, no wasted energy, and no delay between what your hands do at the wheel and what the car does next.
  3. The M5 CS is plugged in, and you better be wide awake.
  4. Because there’s so much power (and our Michelins struggled to put that power down), the traction control light is constantly flickering in third gear.
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The switchable all-wheel-drive system is clever, but you don’t dare go near RWD mode on the road. In the tight and twisties, the M5 CS can be a handful, but that’s exactly what this car is supposed to be. This supercar of a sedan constantly reminds you that you’re alive and well.
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Is the M5 CS the fastest BMW?

Last year, the powerful and ever-so-sporty BMW M GmbH expanded its high-performance and track-focused line-up, with the introduction of the new BMW M5 CS – a limited-run, special edition 2022 sports sedan, Building on the M3 CS, M4 CS, and the M2 CS, BMW ‘s new flagship BMW M5 CS takes the BMW M family a step up the ladder, setting new standards with outstanding performance features combined with an exclusive and luxurious look.

  1. The 2022 BMW M5 CS has a mean competition – the likes of the Audi RS 7 and the Mercedes-AMG E 63.
  2. Set to be the brand’s quickest and most powerful production car, the BMW M5 CS packs a sturdy V8 engine with 630HP+ on tap.
  3. Remaining true to the BMW philosophy, the M5 CS comes in a sports sedan shape, with a 2+2 seating arrangement and lots of technology.

Priced at around $175,000, the M5 CS is cheaper than the Porsche Panamera Turbo S. At a glance, the M5 CS looks like a typical BMW M sedan, but it conceals one of the most powerful engines in the BMW lineage. We’re taking a look at the 2022 BMW M5 CS, and why it’s the ultimate car for enthusiasts.
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Is M5 competition too stiff?

Agile and dynamic beyond what you’d imagine possible considering its size and weight – The BMW M5’s reputation as the most dynamic of supersaloons hasn’t quite been the foregone conclusion it might have once been over the last couple of generations. As its physical size and spread of capability has expanded, so too has its interaction been dulled. This is only heightened by rivals such as the Mercedes-AMG E63 S, which seems to have swapped roles with the BMW by feeling more dynamic and less polished as an everyday car. The Competition’s upgrades over the standard M5 that was released in 2017 are welcome though, and obvious the moment you move away. The M5 rides with a little more stiffness than before, even in its Comfort mode, yet it’s still fairly supple and once you’ve upped the pace any small loss in compliance is easily offset by even tighter control. Seek out some corners and you’ll quickly find the M5 now responds with greater alacrity to the (still too mute) steering, the front tyres biting harder on turn-in. It helps give the Comp a remarkable sense of agility for such a big machine, a sensation that’s enhanced by remapped dampers (Sport is best for hard road driving – Sport Plus best reserved for the track, where the Competition performs rather better than you’d expect for a 1865kg saloon) and tougher springs, which keep the BMW planted and poised over the twisted and torn stretches of tarmac. It would be stretching the truth to say the Competition ‘shrinks around you’ – on some of the tighter sections of road the M5’s girth causes a sharp intake of breath as you squeeze past oncoming traffic – but it feels more nimble than before and far lighter on its feet than most rivals. > Click here for our review of the Porsche Panamera Turbo As before, the trick M xDrive transmission plays its part, delivering both rear-drive adjustability to keep things entertaining and assured traction when it gets slippery. Like the standard M5 you can also shortcut your favourite driver settings using the M1 and M2 buttons on the dash, including the hooligan 2WD mode, which delivers the sort of lazy drifts you’d expect from such a long and stable machine. The problem with the M5 Competition is that while the package is arguably one of the most complete of any supersaloon in the 2020s so far, its anodyne soundtrack and distant steering make it somewhat less satisfying to drive on the road in comparison to the AMG. It’s an undoubtedly talented performance car, but one that doesn’t elicit the sense of drama or fun that you might expect.
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Which is faster M6 or M5?

BMW M5 vs M6: Handling – Alright, maybe we gave this away indirectly, too. The M5 vs M6 are close enough in handling that it likely comes down to a drivers race. However, same day, conditions, and driver the M6 should hold a small advantage. BMW’s M6 coupe carries a bit less weight overall, and that weight is also closer to the ground.

In the M5 vs M6 video above, the M6 took the win by nearly 1.4 seconds. Lap times were 1:18.58 and 1:17.22 for the M5 and M6, respectively. Keep in mind – those results are for the lightest M6 in its coupe form. The M5 may put up a closer race against the heavier F12 convertible and F06 sedan. Either way, all of these cars are very close in performance and handling.

In the real world it likely comes down to a drivers race. The M5 vs M6 are close enough in handling it’s not worth arguing too much. Both perform and handle well given their large size and weight. They can keep up with many smaller, lighter cars around a track.
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Is the BMW M5 faster than a Ferrari?

BMW M5 CS Vs. Ferrari 812 Superfast Drag Race Proves Super Sedans Can Keep Up With Supercars Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see high-performance sedans with extraordinary amounts of power. But can they keep up with actual supercars? That’s what Carwow attempts to answer in their latest video as they drag race a against a Ferrari 812 Superfast.

Starting off with the specs, the M5 CS makes 627 hp (635 PS / 468 kW) and 553 lb-ft (750 Nm) of torque from a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 and weighs 4,114 lbs (1,866 kg). The makes 788 hp (799 PS / 588 kW) and 529 lb-ft (717 Nm) of torque from a naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12 and weighs 3,593 lbs (1,630 kg).

So while the might weigh more and have less power, it has the advantage of more torque and all-wheel drive to help it at launch. See Also: In the first drag race, the BMW obliterated the Ferrari at the start and managed to stay ahead until the finish line.

For the second race, a similar result occurred at the start, but this time the got a slightly better launch, allowing it to rocket back to a narrow victory. The third race saw a nearly identical outcome to the second one, with the BMW taking the advantage at the launch, then the Ferrari clawing its way back at the end.

However, as close as it was in the Ferrari’s favor last time, the BMW won by that much this time. They then tested the two cars in a series of roll races, removing the BMW’s all-wheel drive advantage. Unsurprisingly, the Ferrari with over 150 more horsepower and around 520 pounds less weight managed to leave the in its dust every time.
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Does M5 have Lamborghini engine?

Cut to the fast, challenging moorland roads of Lancashire’s Trough of Bowland, and the M5 finds its forum. Comparison.

BMW M5 Lamborghini Gallardo
Engine 90deg V10, 40v, bi-VANOS 90deg V10, 40v
Location Front, longitudinal Mid, longitudinal
Displacement 4999cc 4961cc

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Why is the M5 Competition so fast?

What do I get from my M5 Competition, then? – Your sole engine option is an almighty twin-turbocharged 4.4-litre V8 with 616bhp and 553lb ft of torque, which flings its two tonnes (including driver) to 62mph in 3.3 seconds. Three point three. Bullets have left guns slower than that.

Your top speed depends, again, on options. It’s 155mph as standard, or 190mph with the M Driver’s Pack which is incorporated into a £7,995 ‘M Pro Package’ or the £19,000 ‘Ultimate Pack’ that gives you all the juicy stuff in one hit. Carbon ceramic brakes, a carbon engine cover, that higher top speed, heating and massaging in the seats (to make 190mph feel as comfy as 70mph), a big stereo and even digital televisions in the back.

BMW says 15 per cent of people go for it in the M8 Competition, Advertisement – Page continues below
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Which is faster between M5 and m8?

The BMW M5 price is ₹ 1.73 Crore and BMW M8 price is ₹ 2.23 Crore. The BMW M5 is available in 4395 cc engine with 1 fuel type options: Petrol and BMW M8 is available in 4395 cc engine with 1 fuel type options: Petrol. Specifications.

Top Speed (Kmph)
250 250
Acceleration (0-100 kmph) (seconds)
3.3 3.3

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Is the M5 a muscle car?

BMW M5 E 39 Series German Muscle Car MotorStars Automotive Investment Magazine | Issue Forty Four BMW M5 E 39 Series German Muscle Car T he Need for Speed games franchise has a lot to answer for. Playing Need For Speed Hot Pursiot 2: Underground led me to buy the E39 M5 that I have owned for six years.

  1. The M5 was my car of choice on the game and in reality it seems! I am sure there are others out there that can relate to this phenomenon, it is a visible trend that some cars featured in games and films over the last three decades have had a huge gain in popularity.
  2. As a closet American muscle car fan, the M5 with its 400 bhp V8 was my ideal European counterpart.

Not only does it have a soundtrack to compete with America’s finest, it also has a luxury feel and fantastic road dynamics. I am a BMW fan through and through, I have been since as long as I can remember, so a V8 from Mercedes-Benz or anyone else didn’t factor in my buying process.

I was in the fortunate position of not needing a car for a daily commute, due to working from home. This gave me the flexibility to choose a car I actually really wanted, that wasn’t a compromised choice in any way. The V8 powered M5 had always been a dream car for me, so seeing that they were in reach of my budget I started the hunt to find my car.

I broke the cardinal rule of car buying that every guide seems to emphasize which is don’t buy the first car you see. The trouble is, what if the first car you see is right for you? By walking away from it you risk losing it to someone else and possibly never finding another as good for the money I personally think that you should go with your eyes open, check everything over and then decide whether the car is for you.

  • I had a Mazda 6 MPS which was a bit rough, many dealers wouldn’t even humour a part exchange of the car against their stock.
  • I went to see my M5 and luckily enough they would take the MPS on in part exchange for the M5.
  • The M5 they had was very well specced and although it was priced at the upper end of the market, the condition and low mileage justified the pricing.

When combining all this with the fact that they would take in my Mazda, the stars aligned and I got to drive away with my dream car. Continue reading your story on the app Continue reading your story in the magazine
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What competes with a BMW M5?

1 of 24 Steven Ewing/Roadshow This mean green machine is the 2021 BMW M5 sedan. 2 of 24 Steven Ewing/Roadshow Specifically, this is the M5 Competition. 3 of 24 Steven Ewing/Roadshow For 2021, all M5s get a 12.3-inch color touchscreen. 4 of 24 Steven Ewing/Roadshow The 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 puts out 617 horsepower in Competition spec. 5 of 24 Steven Ewing/Roadshow Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard. 6 of 24 Steven Ewing/Roadshow All-wheel drive is also standard, and the M5 has a rear-wheel-drive mode. 7 of 24 Steven Ewing/Roadshow These 20-inch wheels and ceramic brakes are optional. 8 of 24 Steven Ewing/Roadshow The 2021 M5 costs just over $103,000 to start. 9 of 24 Steven Ewing/Roadshow The M5’s key competitors include the Mercedes-AMG E63 S and Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing. 10 of 24 Steven Ewing/Roadshow Keep clicking or scrolling for more photos of the M5. 11 of 24 Steven Ewing/Roadshow 12 of 24 Steven Ewing/Roadshow 13 of 24 Steven Ewing/Roadshow 14 of 24 Steven Ewing/Roadshow 15 of 24 Steven Ewing/Roadshow 16 of 24 Steven Ewing/Roadshow 17 of 24 Steven Ewing/Roadshow 18 of 24 Steven Ewing/Roadshow 19 of 24 Steven Ewing/Roadshow 20 of 24 Steven Ewing/Roadshow 21 of 24 Steven Ewing/Roadshow 22 of 24 Steven Ewing/Roadshow 23 of 24 Steven Ewing/Roadshow 24 of 24 Steven Ewing/Roadshow
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Which car is faster than BMW M5 CS?

Deciding The Better Hardcore Car On The Straight Line – Via Carwow on YouTube In terms of both power and weight, and the Ferrari 812 Superfast has the edge. In paper, it can sprint quicker than the BMW M5 CS (2.7 vs 2.9 seconds). The M5 CS, however, puts power to all wheels on the ground, giving it better chances, especially on the start.

  • This was evident on the first quarter-mile race between the two cars.
  • On the quarter-mile drag race, the M5 CS had a rocket start, immediately creating a gap against the 812 Superfast.
  • But Ferrari managed to chip away the lead.
  • Both cars crossed the finish line at 10.9 seconds, but the BMW was ahead by a few feet.

The second run was a 50-mph half-mile rolling race. As soon as both cars hit 50 mph, the 812 Superfast took advantage of its higher power and lower weight, leaving the BMW far behind. It was practically an easy win for the Italian sports car. They repeated the 50-mph half-mile rolling race, but this time both cars were in manual mode.
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What M5 has a V10?

E60/E61 M5 (2004–2010) –

BMW M5 (E60/E61)
Production 2004–2010
Model years 2005–2010
Designer Karl Elmitt
Body and chassis
Body style 4-door sedan (E60) 5-door wagon (E61)
Layout Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive
Engine 5.0 L S85 Uneven firing 90 degrees V10
  • 7-speed SMG-III
  • 6-speed manual ( North America only )
Wheelbase 2,890 mm (113.8 in)
Length 4,855–4,864 mm (191.1–191.5 in)
Width 1,846 mm (72.7 in)
  • Sedan: 1,469 mm (57.8 in)
  • Wagon: 1,512 mm (59.5 in)
Curb weight 1,855–1,955 kg (4,090–4,310 lb)

The E60 M5 was introduced in 2004, with a V10 engine and 7-speed paddle-shift transmission linking the car with the BMW Sauber Formula One program. The E60 M5 was the world’s first production sedan to use a V10 gasoline engine. This generation of the M5 was also built in the E61 Touring (wagon) body style, which was only sold in Europe. Sedan- rear 3/4 view Wagon- front 1/4 view The official 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) acceleration figure is 4.7 seconds for the sedan, however magazine tests have recorded figures down to 4.1 seconds. The E60 M5 was the fastest 4-door sedan available at the time of its introduction; top speed is electronically restricted to 250 km/h (155 mph) but could be raised to 305 km/h (190 mph) with the optional M-driver’s package.

  • The M5 has recorded a Nürburgring lap time of 8:13.
  • Upgrades over regular 5 Series models include a wider track, unique body panels, a colourful heads up display featuring navigation, control messages, speed, rpm and gear selection information, automated seat side bolsters, heated/ventilated seats and power rear curtain.

The larger, flared front guards on either side also featured cooling vents, reminiscent of the 1970s BMW CSL. The wheels were of 19-inch diameter and the car has quad exhaust pipes at the rear. During its five-year production run, 20,589 units were built: 19,564 sedans and 1,025 Touring.
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What is the difference between M5 and M5 comp?

The most-powerful production BMW of all time is a monster. Shame about the tire situation, though. – bmw m5 Full Overview The new 2022 BMW M5 CS (short for Competition Sport) is not only the most outrageous version of the F90 (sixth generation) M5, but also one of the most ridiculous production BMWs of all time.

It’s certainly the most powerful: The S63 M TwinPower twin-turbo 4.4-liter V-8 makes 627 hp at 6,000 rpm and 553 lb-ft of torque between 1,800-5,950 rpm. The peak-torque figure is the same as you find in the M5 Competition, but it’s available in the M5 CS for an additional 90 rpm. That might not seem like much, but keep in mind the M5 Comp’s peak-torque rpm-range already exceeds the standard M5’s by 170 rpm.

In terms of M5-vs.-M5-vs.-M5 horsepower comparisons, the M5 Competition makes 617 horsepower at 6,000 rpm, and the standard M5 600 hp. The 2022 BMW M5 CS gets more than just additional power and revs compared to its “lesser” versions. It features the same chassis and suspension upgrades the M5 Comp boasts over the M5—stiffer engine mounts and suspension springs, 0.2-inch lower ride height, more negative front camber, and a stiffer rear anti-roll bar and toe-link ball-joint mounts.

BMW says the M5 CS receives additional “spring and Dynamic Damper Control tuning” compared to the M5 Competition “to take advantage of the lower vehicle weight and of the optionally available (no-cost) Pirelli P Zero Corsa ultra-high-performance tires.” Take note of the point about the rubber, as we’ll circle back to it shortly.

Ah, speaking of weight, the M5 CS tipped our scales at 4,089 pounds, whereas BMW says the M5 Comp checks in at 4,344 pounds. We have not had the opportunity to weigh an M5 Comp but suspect it would check in lighter than its official weight, due to the parameters under which BMW estimates its cars’ curb weights.

  1. Either way, this is a notable difference between the two models, and the M5 CS’ diet consists of additional carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic pieces, including the hood with vents in unpainted carbon fiber, the front splitter, mirror caps, rear diffuser, and rear spoiler.
  2. The engine cover is also made from CFRP, and further weight reduction comes thanks to less sound-deadening throughout the car.

So, what do these upgrades yield in performance terms? We ran the 2022 BMW M5 CS through our standard battery of MotorTrend tests, with impressive outcomes.
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Is BMW M5 CS faster than Hellcat?

How fast is the BMW M5 Competition? –

Gallery: 2019 BMW M5 Competition – With the specs out of the way, it’s time to race. The run is very close. Both models are side by side the whole way. The Mustang takes a narrow victory by covering the quarter-mile in 10.996 seconds at 129.4 miles per hour (208.25 kilometers per hour).

  • The M5 is just a bit slower at 11.286 seconds at 123.86 mph (199.3 kph).
  • More GT500 Drag Races: For race two, things get weird.
  • The M5 has a slower quarter-mile time but crosses the line first.
  • This is possible because of the BMW driver’s reaction time of 0.87 seconds, versus 2.98 seconds for the Ford.

The M5 Competition covers the distance in 11.173 seconds at 124.71 mph (200.7 kph). Meanwhile, the GT500 does it in 10.998 seconds at 129.97 mph (209.2 kph). Based on the video analysis, the M5 gets across the line just 0.036 seconds ahead of the GT500. : Shelby GT500 Vs BMW M5 Competition Drag Race Is Neck And Neck
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Is the BMW M5 twin-turbo?

It is powered by a twin-turbocharged V8 engine, making it the first turbocharged M5 model.
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What is the difference between M5 and M5 Competition?

While standard M5 models receive rubber bushings in the rear, the M5 Competition gets solid ball joints and firmer engine mounts. Inside the cabin of the M5 competition, drivers will receive model-specific floor mats, seatbelts, and a TFT screen in the gauge cluster.
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