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How To Read Bmw Fault Codes Without Scanner?

How To Read Bmw Fault Codes Without Scanner
The 3 ways to read BMW fault codes

  • 1. Standalone diagnostic device Using a standalone diagnostic device to read out the error memory is easy and fast.
  • 2. Laptop with software and OBD cables You can also read a BMW’s error memory with a laptop.
  • 3. Your smartphone and an OBD2 adapter

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How do you read a fault code without a scanner?

Step 1: Odometer Reset – Press the odometer’s Trip and Reset buttons while turning the ignition key ON, After turning the key ON, release the odometer Reset and Trip buttons to check if the Diagnostic Trouble Code or DTC appears on the odometer display.
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What scan tool does BMW use?

BMW’s factory tool is the PC based Online Service System (O.S.S.).O.S.S. includes a number of components and provides extensive service functionalities. Integrated into BMW’s O.S.S. are software modules for both diagnostic work (aka: ISTA-D) and for module reprogramming (aka: ISTA-P).

BMW’s can present a special challenge for many shops. On one hand, because of the higher complexity of these vehicles, there are often lots of repair opportunities. However, on the other hand it is often difficult to almost impossible to obtain advanced diagnostic repair procedures when one has a BMW to diagnosis! The BMW OSS tool alleviates this situation by providing the user with not only all needed scan functions, but it also has all needed repair procedures! ISTA-D, once properly installed, provides the technician with the ability to do full diagnostic functions; read codes/clear codes, display all data PIDs, activate bi-directional functions and perform BMW’s ‘Automated Tests’.

Additionally, this OEM system provides real time on-line access to the full BMW Service Information (SI) database. SI database information includes such items as BMW’s Code Descriptions (Both SAE and BMW specific), Repair Procedures, Wiring Diagrams, Pin Assignments, Connector Views and Installation locations.

  • The ISTA-P software module provides the technician with the ability to program or re-flash all modules.
  • Whether the technician is replacing a defective module or simply wishing to update an existing working module, ISTA-P enables this to be performed.
  • As an added note, BMW TSB’s are also integrated into this OEM scan tool package.
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A BMW ‘OEM’ package can be ordered in two different configurations. The first configuration, which BMW recommends, includes all the BMW OEM interface cables (A+B+C) and the BMW ICOM-2 interface device. This package provides vehicle coverage from the late 80’s right up to the current model year and it covers all BMW models/chassis’.

  • A second package, which utilizes a less expensive J-2534 Pass Through Tool (PTT) interface device is also available.
  • This lower priced PTT package does not provide full model year coverage and is limited in how far back the coverage goes.
  • Additionally, using the PTT interface can result in longer reprogramming times.

(In some cases up to 1.5 hours longer.) It should be noted that in typical German engineering fashion, the specifications for the PC platform and various operating system environments are very specific to ensure the BMW O.S.S. system will operate properly.

PC processor clock speed, monitor resolution, HDD space and network connections must all be correct. Additionally, Operating System and Runtime Environments (Windows O/S, JAVA, Internet Explorer, Net Framework) must be as specified. At OEMTools, we offer a number of complete BMW ‘TurnKey Packages’ that can include either a properly configured Dell or Panasonic laptop along with either the BMW recommended interface or a BMW recognized PTT interface.

For assistance with additional questions, pricing or to order a BMW OEM package, Call or e-mail us today! Alternatively, BMW Service can be also performed with the Autoland iScan-3 tool. Besides covering all the major Euro lines including Mercedes Benz, BWM, Porsche and VW-Audi, the ‘iScan3′ also provides excellent coverage for virtually all Asian car lines.

  • You will also find this tool has extensive domestic coverages and some common medium duty truck lines.
  • One special mention on BMW: This is one of only a very few aftermarket tools that allows the shop to re-program a number of BMW controllers! With a color screen, dual processors and well written programming, this tool is very fast in its navigation of a vehicle.
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For assistance with additional questions, pricing or to order an Autoland iScan-3 tool, Call or e-mail us today! Click Here to Download Our General Product Catalog is a division of CAS of New England
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What is BMW ghost mode?

Ghost – Service / valet mode Service / valet mode allows you to hand over the keys to your car to someone without having to give them your disarm sequence. This way they get to know that your car is protected by the Ghost. Use this mode when you take your car for service or valet parking. Here are a few key points about service mode.

  • Allows for an indefinite amount for starts and drives without needing the disarm sequence
  • Turns off all key learning protection (this is still active when the Ghost is disarmed!)
  • Can be manually turned exited
  • Will exit automatically when driven for a reasonable time

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What code reader do dealerships use?

The Autel MaxiCom MK808 is an OBD2 scanner clearly meant to keep pace with the units that dealerships and independent garages use. It performs 25 different service functions, works on 56 brands of cars and the rugged handheld tablet-style scan tool can give its information in 13 languages.
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What is BMW coding tool?

What is BMW iDrive coding and programming? – In short, BMW iDrive coding involves making small software changes to your car, unlocking new features or changing how existing ones work. In most cases, those features are already baked into your iDrive by BMW, and coding is only required to make them available.
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