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Which Mercedes Is The Most Expensive?

Which Mercedes Is The Most Expensive
1. The Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe – $145 million – The most expensive car ever sold is a Mercedes-Benz. A 1955 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe sold for a staggering €135 million (around $145 million) in May 2022. The car is one of only two racing prototype 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupes that were built.

Proceeds from the sale are being used to establish the “Mercedes-Benz Fund” — a global charity that will “provide educational and research scholarships in the areas of environmental science and decarbonization for young people.” In a statement released after the sale, Mercedes-Benz board member Renata Jungo Brüngger described the coupes as, “milestones in sports car development and key historical elements that have shaped our brand,” before describing one of their vehicles achieving the highest price in history as “extraordinary and humbling.” The Uhlenhaut coupe was named after its creator, and Mercedes-Benz chief engineer, Rudolf Uhlenhaut.

It features gullwing doors, a three-liter straight-eight engine, and ultra-light Elektron” magnesium bodywork. The Ulenhaut was by far the fastest road car in the world when it was produced — capable of hitting speeds of over 180 mph. The record-breaking car was a part of the 1,100+ automobile Mercedes- Benz Classic collection, following the auction it is now in the hands of a private seller.
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Which Mercedes class is most expensive?

There are a total of 28 Mercedes-Benz models currently on sale in India. These include 9 Sedans, 11 SUVs, 1 MUV, 1 Hatchback, 5 Coupes and 1 Luxury, Mercedes-Benz has 6 upcoming car launches in India – the EQB, GLB, EQA, GLC 2023, EQS SUV, EQE SUV.

  • Mercedes-Benz car prices in India: The price of Mercedes-Benz cars in India starts from 42.00 Lakh for the A-Class Limousine while the most expensive Mercedes-Benz car in India one is the AMG GT with a price of 2.71 Cr.
  • The newest model in the Mercedes-Benz line-up is the EQS with a price tag of 1.55 – 2.45 Cr.

Mercedes-Benz cars in India under 50 Lakh include the A-Class Limousine and GLA. The current lineup of Mercedes-Benz India includes A-Class Limousine, AMG A 35, AMG A 45 S, AMG C 43, AMG C 63, AMG E 53, AMG E 63, AMG G 63, AMG GLA 35, AMG GLC 43, AMG GLE 53, AMG GLE 63 S, AMG GT 4-Door Coupe, AMG GT, C-Class, CLS, E-Class, EQC, EQS, G-Class, GLA, GLC, GLC Coupe, GLE, GLS, Maybach S-Class, S-Class and V-Class.

To get more details of Mercedes-Benz Cars Download CarDekho App. Mercedes-Benz India Pvt Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the German Daimler AG established in 1994, with headquarters located in Chakan, Pune, Maharashtra. Mercedes-Benz was essentially the first luxury automotive brand to enter the Indian market back in 1994, with the W 124 E-Class sedan being the first luxury car in India’s modern era.

In 2018, Mercedes-Benz rolled out its 100,000th car from the assembly line in Chakan, Maharashtra. The German brand is currently the best-selling luxury automobile manufacturer in the Indian market with 7,087 units sold in FY’21. The company recently announced that it will be selling cars directly to customers under the new Retail of the Future (ROTF) model, rather than dealers purchasing stock from the company.

  1. Under this new sales model, Mercedes will own the entire stock of its cars and sell them directly to the customer through its showrooms and online sales portal.
  2. This also means that prices of Mercedes-Benz cars in India are now controlled centrally and will be uniform across the country.
  3. Also, discounts will now only be decided by the manufacturer, not the dealerships.

As of now, the list of Mercedes-Benz cars available in India includes four limousines (sedans), a cabriolet, five SUVs, a coupe SUV, a coupe sedan, an MPV, ten performance-oriented models, two ultra-luxury Maybach models and a fully electric car as well.

The Mercedes-Benz cars on offer in the Indian market are A-Class Limousine, C-Class, C-Class Cabriolet, E-Class, S-Class, Maybach S-Class, V-Class GLA, GLC, GLC Coupe, GLE, GLS, Maybach GLS, G-Class, AMG A 35 4MATIC, AMG A 45 S 4MATIC+, AMG GLA 35 4MATIC, AMG GLC 43 4MATIC, AMG GLE 53 4MATIC+, AMG GLE 63 S 4MATIC+ Coupe, AMG G 63, AMG E 53 4MATIC+, E 63 S 4MATIC+, C 43 4MATIC Coupe, AMG GT R, AMG GT 63 S 4MATIC+ 4-Door Coupe and EQC.

While the German luxury carmaker already has a vast lineup in the Indian market, it is still working on bringing new models every now and then in order to maintain and even further stretch its lead in the luxury automobile space. The upcoming Mercedes-Benz cars in India include the new-gen C-Class as well as EQB, EQE and EQS electric cars, which have already been listed on the company’s Indian website.
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What is the most expensive 2022 Mercedes-Benz?

Why the world’s most expensive car cost so much money Share On 5 May 2022, a 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupé was auctioned by Sotheby’s in Stuttgart, Germany, and sold for $142 million (£115 million; €135 million).

  • It became the most expensive car ever sold, doubling the previous record of $70 million (£52 million; €60 million) paid for a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO (4153 GT) in 2018.
  • It also claimed the title of most expensive car sold at auction, tripling the previous record of $48 million (£37 million; €41 million) paid for a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO in 2018.
  • Let’s take a look at why this car is so special and why it commanded such a princely sum.

YT Only two Uhlenhaut Coupés were ever made. Its extreme rarity, unique design and rich history all factor in to the record-breaking price. Prior to World War II, Mercedes-Benz’s race cars were bankrolled by the Nazi regime and dominated the motorsports scene throughout the ’30s. Nicknamed the Silver Arrows, these cars won multiple Grands Prix.

  1. After the war, in 1954, Mercedes-Benz made their return to motor racing and picked up where they left off, winning the 1954 and 1955 Formula One World Championships with Juan Manuel Fangio (Argentina) behind the wheel of their newest Silver Arrow – the W196R.
  2. Derived from the W196R was the open-top 300 SLR, which achieved similar success in the 1955 World Sportscar Championship, winning the Mille Miglia race with Stirling Moss (UK) in the driver’s seat.
  3. YT

However, one month later, with two 300 SLRs leading the 24 Hours of Le Mans race, Mercedes driver Pierre Levegh rear-ended the car in front of him at high speed, which sent Levegh’s car hurtling into the crowd. A fuel fire ensued, resulting in Levegh and 84 spectators losing their lives.

Following the catastrophic incident, Mercedes ended their motorsport programme and remained withdrawn for the next thirty years. Fangio moved on to Ferrari to win his fourth Formula One title in 1956 and won his fifth with Maserati in 1957. In doing so, he became the oldest Formula One world champion at the age of 46, a record which he holds to this day.

Fangio passed away in 1995, aged 84. His record for the most Formula One World Championships remained unbroken until 2003, when Michael Schumacher (Germany) won his sixth championship. The record is currently shared between Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton (UK), with seven wins each. Prior to the accident at Le Mans, Mercedes’ chief motorsport engineer, Rudolf Uhlenhaut, ordered two of the nine W196 chassis to be set aside for modification into a hybrid of the open-top 300 SLR race car and the 300 SL production car. Complete with gull-wing doors, coupé styling and an enlarged 3.0-litre engine, the resulting car – the Uhlenhaut Coupé as it came to be known – was effectively a road-legal version of the 300 SLR.

However, following Mercedes’ withdrawal from motorsports – which had been in the works even before the Le Mans disaster – the hard-top 300 SLR project was shut down, leaving just two prototypes in existence. Rudolf Uhlenhaut claimed one of these leftover ‘development mules’ and used it as a company car.

With a top speed of around 180 mph (290 km/h) it was the fastest road car of its time.

  • The special circumstances behind its creation, along with its high-power performance and distinctive design, cemented the Uhlenhaut Coupé in sports car mythology.
  • “The reason for a high price would simply be that they are never sold,” automotive historian Karl Ludvigsen told,
  • Ludvigsen explained that cars “in that band” have never been officially sold by Mercedes-Benz.
  • It is believed that potential buyers were screened by RM Sotheby’s to ensure they satisfied Mercedes-Benz’s strict criteria of being wealthy enough to purchase the car and, more importantly, willing to display the car at special events.
  1. The record-breaking sale of the Uhlenhaut Coupé could now push the values of other rare, highly-sought-after cars to new highs.
  2. It highlights the rapid growth of the classic car market over recent years, with exemplary models now rivalling the prices paid for,
  3. “The private buyer has agreed that the 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupé will remain accessible for public display on special occasions,” said Marcus Breitschwerdt, Head of Mercedes-Benz Heritage.
  4. The second Uhlenhaut Coupé is still owned by Mercedes-Benz and is on display at their museum in Stuttgart.
  5. The proceeds of the sale will go towards the creation of a worldwide “Mercedes-Benz Fund” which will provide scholarships for young people studying environmental science and decarbonisation.

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Which is no 1 expensive car in the world?

Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport – Price: £3 million 8 /10 If you’re not a fan of Bugattis you’ll have pretty much hated this list. Happily for you, this Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport is the last to feature with its cool £3 million price. In a similar vein to the Bugatti Divo it’s a more handling-focused driver’s car than the regular Chiron, with less weight, more downforce and shorter gear ratios for faster acceleration below 150mph.

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Best supercars

Excluding classic cars sold at auction, the most expensive car in the world is the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail. Rolls-Royce hasn’t officially revealed a price to the public, but well sourced rumours put the three examples made at between £22-25 million. The most expensive car ever sold is the absolutely stunning Ferrari 250 GTO that sold for a staggering $70,000,000 (roughly £52,300,000) at auction in 2018.
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Which is more expensive C or E class?

Take a look at the difference between C-Class and E-Class sedan prices: 2021 Mercedes-Benz C-Class : Priced at $41,600 MSRP* as standard or $76,200 MSRP* for the range-topping AMG® C 63 S Sedan.2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class: Priced at $54,250* MSRP as standard or $107,500 MSRP* for the range-topping AMG® E 63 S Sedan.
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What is the luxury line of Mercedes?

If you thought Mercedes-Benz cars were luxurious, the Mercedes-Maybach lineup will knock your socks off with even more exquisitely tailored interior furnishings. Formerly a standalone luxury brand that was founded back in 1909, Maybach is now a part of the Mercedes family of luxury vehicles with pricing starting in the high six-figure range. Waiting for an ultra-luxury EV before making the switch from gas to electricity? Get your checkbook ready because the 2023 Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV is coming. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below It takes a lot to out-luxe a Mercedes-Benz S-class, but the 2023 Mercedes-Maybach S-class manages to do just that, making it the brand’s ultimate luxury sedan. The 2022 Mercedes-Maybach GLS600 brings the storied marque’s ultra-luxury touch to the marketplace where SUVs with six-figure price tags live. If the normal S-class is a sedan for the well-to-do, the 2022 Mercedes-Maybach S-class is a sedan for people who are so rich that their chauffeurs are well-to-do. The ultra-luxurious GLS600 is new to the Mercedes-Maybach lineup for 2021, and it carries an exorbitant price tag. If you love the Mercedes-Benz S-class but even it isn’t big enough or exclusive enough, take a look at the ultra-luxurious 2021 Mercedes-Maybach S580. With cavernous and impeccably luxurious interiors, the S560 and S650 provide coddling transportation for the chauffeured set. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below Words such as “sumptuous” and “lavish” don’t properly illustrate how luxurious the palatial Mercedes-Maybach S-class truly is. Looking very much like the answer to an unasked question, Maybach offers this very expensive, very limited edition of its 62 sedan. Rolls-Royce and Bentley are the traditional ultra-luxury marques, but look far enough back into history and the Maybach name pops up. Smooth, quiet, and very fast, this huge luxury sedan seems to defy physics with its road-going capabilities.
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How much is a Mercedes Maybach?

What is the MPG of a 2022 Mercedes-Benz Maybach? – 2022 Mercedes-Benz Maybach S 580 4MATIC 4dr Sedan AWD (4.0L 8cyl Turbo gas/electric mild hybrid 9A), 9-speed shiftable automatic, premium unleaded (required) 18 MPG compined MPG, 15 city MPG/24 highway MPG 2022 Mercedes-Benz Maybach S 680 4MATIC 4dr Sedan AWD (6.0L 12cyl Turbo 9A), 9-speed shiftable automatic, premium unleaded (required) 15 MPG compined MPG, 12 city MPG/21 highway MPG

EPA Est. MPG 18
Transmission 9-speed shiftable automatic
Drive Train all wheel drive
Displacement 4.0 L
Passenger Volume N/A


Wheelbase 133.7 in. Length 215.3 in. Width N/A Height 59.4 in. Curb Weight 5236 lbs.

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Whats the most expensive car sold?

The World’s Most Expensive Car Just Sold for an All-Time Record of $142 Million In a secret auction at the brand’s museum in Germany, Mercedes-Benz sold one of just two 1955 300 SLR Uhlenhaut coupes from its extensive collection of historical automobiles—which dates back to the earliest days of the car in the late 19th century.

The sale, to a private buyer, was for 135 million euros ($142,769,250). It handily outstripped the previous record-setting $48.4-million sale of a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO at a 2018 auction to become the most expensive car ever sold at auction. Both of these high-dollar sales were brokered by RM Sotheby’s.

“Despite Ferrari being the most likely marque to have built a $100-million car, Mercedes-Benz was the next most likely candidate,” said Brian Rabold, the vice president of Hagerty Automotive Intelligence, the valuation wing of the, The two street-legal 300 SLR Uhlenhaut coupes were created by (and named for) Mercedes-Benz’s racing director at the time, Rudolf Uhlenhaut, who built them as part of a motorsport assault.

  • Despite being among the fastest cars in the world at the time, they were never raced due to the brand’s withdrawal from racing in 1955 following a disastrous crash at the Le Mans endurance race that injured hundreds of spectators and killed over 80 people, including Mercedes’s driver.
  • This icon of automotive history is an absolute rarity—one of just two prototypes built.

Though bearing sports car of the 1950s, the two Uhlenhaut coupes had much more aggressive styling and mechanicals, and were actually built on a chassis that underpinned the brand’s contemporary W196 track car. “The Mercedes-Benz racing cars from the 1930s and 1950s are rare, and most are still owned by the factory, so any that come to market are highly sought after,” Rabold said.
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Is Mercedes AMG a luxury car?

The Mercedes-AMG A-Class Compact luxury meets performance-laden driving pleasure: the Mercedes-AMG A 35 Sedan combines design and lifestyle like no other in this class and offers more individualisation than ever before.
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Is E-Class or S-Class better?

2020 Mercedes E-Class vs. S-Class Size Comparison – Both of these sedans have four doors and seat 5 people. Their exterior dimensions greatly influence how they handle, however. E-Class Mercedes is 196.4-inches long, with a 115.7-inch wheelbase. The S-Class is 206.9-inches long, making it one of the smoothest rides on the road among four-door sedans.

  1. The S-class has a wheelbase of 124.6 inches, to correspond with its greater overall size.
  2. Don’t expect to notice much in the way of passenger space differences among these cars, however— much of the S-Class sedan’s size is devoted to riding smoothness and the chassis is able to support more powerful engines.

The E-class has more legroom in the front and rear seats for example. The S-Class does have the advantage in some areas, however, offering a very significant 2-inches more headroom in the front two seats, and cargo space that greatly surpasses that of the E-Class.
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Is Mercedes E better than C?

Just for starters: the E-Class Sedan has a higher starting price, more standard features, and more powerful available engines. Of course, there’s more to this comparison than meets the eye. Take an in-depth look at our 2021 Mercedes-Benz C-Class vs.
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Which Mercedes is called the Beast?

In our earlier post, we reviewed President Buhari’s official car – Mercedes Benz S550; And based on its features, the president’s BEAST truly justifies its Nickname as The BEAST. Well enough said, let’s take a look at the official car of the Governor of Rivers state.

  • Vehicle Overview Gov.
  • Wike uses a Range Rover Vogue as his official car.
  • The Land Rover’s flagship Range Rover SUV isn’t the kind of car you want to drag through muddy tracks and rocky off-road courses; even if it is still capable of doing that.
  • The cabin is spacious and luxurious.
  • The high seating position and tall body give you excellent visibility down the road.

The V8 diesel engine provides effortless performance despite its considerable size and it has an on-road presence that few SUVs can match. No wonder its competitors include the likes of Mercedes-Benz G-Class, Porsche Cayenne and Lexus LX 570. See Related Post President Buhari’s Official Car – 2015 Benz S550 Exterior

Traditional, boxy styling Standard 19-inch alloy wheels; 20-, 21- and 22-inch wheels available All-aluminum body is 39 percent lighter than prior generation’s steel body Air suspension LED taillights Available black or silver contrasting roof Available panoramic glass roof Available power side step


Two screens: a 12.3-inch display for the instrument cluster and an 8-inch touch-screen in the middle of the dash Knob serves as the gear selector Three available Meridian premium stereos, including 29-speaker system Heated steering wheel Available 18-way-adjustable front seats with massage feature Available power-reclining rear seats Available massaging rear seats with a rear center console Available rear entertainment system with two 8-inch screens Available front and rear cooled storage bins

Engine Specs

340-horsepower, supercharged 3.0-liter V-6 engine Available 510-hp, supercharged 5.0-liter V-8 Eight-speed automatic transmission Full-time four-wheel drive Available Terrain Response 2 Auto can automatically adjust vehicle settings on the move as conditions dictate

Safety Features

front airbags, antilock brakes and an electronic stability system Side-impact airbags for the front seats Side curtain airbags Roll Stability Control Available forward collision warning with automatic braking

So guys, which would you go for between President Buhari’s Offical car and Governor Wike’s? See Related Post President Buhari’s Official Car – 2015 Benz S550 Credit: Autoreportng
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Which is better AMG or AMG line?

AMG model vs AMG Line – what’s the difference? AMG: three letters that you’re bound to come across at a Mercedes-Benz Dealership. But what does an AMG model have that an AMG Line doesn’t? Which one is right for you? The fundamental difference is this: the AMG Line adds cosmetic differences designed to add to the overall look and feel of the car, while an AMG model features a high performance engine designed with driving performance in mind.
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Is Mercedes A-Class or C class better?

The 2021 Mercedes-Benz A-Class and the 2021 Mercedes-Benz C-Class are both exceptional compact cars, but it’s important to consider every angle. The A-Class is more accessible, more efficient, and rich in technology, but the C-Class comes with more standard features and offers more engine options.
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Which class is cheapest in Mercedes?

The lowest priced Mercedes-Benz car in India is A-Class Limousine, priced at ₹ 41.99 Lakh.
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