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How Does Tom Ford Black Orchid Smell?

How Does Tom Ford Black Orchid Smell
What Does Black Orchid Smell Like? – Black Orchid by Tom Ford is an ambery-floral-oriented fragrance with a prominent patchouli and woody backbone. It is a sweet, earthy, warm spicy scent with a touch of Mexican chocolate and truffle. It smells sweet and very sensual.

TruffleGardeniaBlack CurrantYlang-YlangJasmineBergamotMandarin OrangeAmalfi Lemon

Heart notes:

OrchidSpicesGardeniaFruity NotesYlang-YlangJasmineLotus

Base notes are:

Mexican chocolatePatchouliVanillaIncenseAmberSandalwoodVetiverWhite musk

When you read all the nuances that Black Orchid is made from, you really don’t know what to expect from the scent, and that is exactly how this fragrance evolves — unexpectedly beautiful, The first spray gives you a fruity-floral and earthy mixture of several different notes that you cannot really detect individually. How Does Tom Ford Black Orchid Smell © Image creator & owner: Black Orchid has a distinctive bone, lots of things are evolving at the same time and the perfume reaches several different stages in its lifespan. You may like some of its phases, you may hate them all, or you may fall in love with every single one of them.

  • Once the dry-down phase starts progressing, you get a fruity cocktail — a warm spicy effect and the florals from the opening stay present as well.
  • The middle dry-down may be the “weirdest” of them all since there are lots of things going on.
  • You get the sweetness, spiciness, and almost like a jammy effect.

Many people also smelled the truffle (mushroom) note, which has a musky, ambery, animalic scent, and even though my nose didn’t detect it, it doesn’t seem yours won’t. Black Orchid is also a gourmandy scent, as it contains some gourmandy notes like truffle or Mexican chocolate.

  1. The note of orchid doesn’t have a particular smell, so you won’t be able to detect it, it is a fantasy note that fragrance crafters tend to create from other, synthetical nuances.
  2. The final dry-down is definitely the best phase of Black Orchid; the vanilla note becomes more prominent, the woodiness, darkness, and muskiness start fighting through and you can smell a mass of patchouli as well.

That is the moment the scent becomes dark, rich, sexy, addicting and you will experience a completely different side of the Black Orchid — the dark side I’d say, which made it one of the most seductive fragrances ever. As I mentioned, this fragrance is not for everybody.
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Is Tom Ford Black Orchid a men’s fragrance?

Fragrance Family: Amber Chypre Fragrance Notes: • Black Truffle, Ylang Ylang, Black Orchid, Black Plum, Rum Absolute, Patchouli The Fragrance The most potent version of Black Orchid ever made, Black Orchid Parfum amplifies the iconic sensuality of the original.

  1. Its effect elevates the most elusive and darkest of flowers to powerfully seductive new heights – revealing a magnified signature of potent ylang-ylang flowers dipped in golden rum, with the luscious black plum becoming even more pronounced.
  2. Celebrating the impact of this warm, seductive breakthrough, the Parfum is presented with an all-over fold flacon, from plaque to cap.

Striking since its inception, this unisex fragrance continues to envelop all genders in a world of its own. Created exclusively for TOM FORD, the TOM FORD Black Orchid was born out of his quest for “the perfect flower” – luxurious, elegant, pure and sophisticated.

  1. The Black Orchid Collection • Black Orchid Eau de Parfum,
  2. The original Black Orchid & TOM FORD’s debut fragrance that launched in 2006.
  3. With notes of rich dark accords, sensual black truffle & tempting florals, this amber masterpiece has become a timeless bestselling classic.
  4. Velvet Orchid Eau de Parfum,

Glamorous & Mystique, Velvet Orchid is a super-feminine interpretation of the original Black Orchid. With notes of orange blossom, turkish rose & sweet honey, this floral amber perfume stands apart with its own compelling identity. How to Use • On clean skin, spray once or twice on desired areas.

  • Do not rub the fragrance on skin, as this can alter how the fragrance develops.

Please refer to the ingredient list on the product package you receive for the most up to date list of ingredients.
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What perfume is like Tom Ford Black Orchid?

New and Niche vs. Signature Chic – Woody Fragrances If you like Le Labo Santal 33, try Sana Jardin Sandalwood Temple As Le Labo alternatives go, Sana Jardin Sandalwood Temple is a beautifully rich fragrance that’s similar to Le Labo Santal 33, the brand’s standout bestseller.

A unisex scent inspired by American westerns, Le Labo Santal 33 is an addictive blend of rich woody notes spiked with aromatic spices and soft leather – it’s one of those shapeshifting perfumes that can be worn by everyone and anyone (and likely has, given that it’s one of the world’s most popular perfumes).

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If you’re already a fan, Sana Jardin Sandalwood Temple will go down a treat – Indian sandalwood essence and cedarwood deliver the same woody backbone, with vanilla, neroli oil and orange blossom delivering a slightly sweeter finish. Citrus Fragrances If you like Ô de Lancôme, try Parfums de Marly Darcy Ô de Lancôme Eau de Toilette set the bar for refreshing, zingy citrus fragrance when it launched in 1969. Top notes of lemon, bergamot and mandarin fuse with herbal heart notes, with base notes of sandalwood and oakmoss for woody depth.

  • It’s no wonder it’s still considered the perfect scent for spring and summer.
  • For a fragrance similar to Ô de Lancôme, we prescribe Parfums de Marly Darcy Eau de Parfum,
  • The sweet citrus perfume also has woody base notes and lemon and orange top notes but is slightly more floral thanks to the addition of rose, jasmine and patchouli.

Wear Ô de Lancôme during the daytime and layer Parfums de Marly Darcy on top when the sun goes down. Fruity Fragrances If you like Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir, try Bottega Veneta Parco Palladiano XIV One lap around the Beauty Halls and you’ll no doubt get a waft of Jo Malone London Pomegranate Noir Cologne – it remains a Jo Malone London bestseller since its launch in 2005 and the genderless perfume is at once familiar and distinctive.

It’s fruity without being too sweet and top notes of pink pepper, combined with woody base notes, give it a spicy edge. If you’re after a Jo Malone London Pomegranate Noir alternative, Bottega Veneta Parco Palladiano XIV Eau de Parfum could soon become your new special occasion scent. Like Pomegranate Noir, it’s a unisex scent that goes big on ripe pomegranate with cedarwood base notes to anchor the fragrance and create intensity.

Floral Fragrances If you like Chanel No5, try Robert Piguet Baghari The most iconic fragrance on earth, Chanel No5 Eau de Parfum is immediately recognisable, both by its distinctive rectangular glass flacon and its oh so grown-up floral aldehyde appeal.

At 100 years old, it’s timeless style, bottled. Coco Chanel’s first ever fragrance was designed to celebrate the verve and energy of the roaring 20s, with rose, jasmine and citrus notes mingling to create quite the sophisticated olfactory party. The scent’s recipe remains unchanged but if you’re looking to mark a new 20s decade with a twist on the original, Robert Piguet Baghari Eau de Parfum smells like Chanel No5, with top notes of aldehyde and heart notes of rose and jasmine.

Base notes of musk, amber and vanilla give it a cosy, warm feel – this would make a wonderful winter season alternative to Chanel No5. Green Fragrances If you like Hermès Un Jardin Sur Le Nil, try Goutal Ninfeo Mio A famous Hermès fragrance that’s as fresh as ever, Hermès Un Jardin Sur Le Nil Eau de Toilette may be a teenager in the perfume world (it was created in 2005), but it’s a lively, energetic blend that evokes a wander round an island garden with every spritz. Gourmand Fragrances If you like YSL Black Opium, try Floraiku Sound of a Ricochet There aren’t many fragrances similar to Black Opium – it’s a mysterious, rich scent that its creators describe as “rock’ n ‘roll”. Coffee notes dominate the mouthwatering scent, with vanilla, bitter almond and liquorice for extra flavour.

Black Opium alternatives may be hard to come by, but Floraiku Sound of a Ricochet should most definitely be on your scent shopping list if you’re a Black Opium lover. Sound of a Ricochet Eau de Parfum fuses oriental vanilla with delicious tonka bean for a scent to savour – plus it’s exclusive to Harrods so you can bet that one spritz will set you apart from the crowd and have admirers asking what you’re wearing.

Whether you share your fragrant secret is totally up to you. Discover Your New Favourite Fragrance Take your fragrance search offline with a trip to the Salon de Parfums, where you’ll have the opportunity to meet a new scent suitor IRL (or choose one as a gift for a loved one).

  1. The world’s best fragrance experts are on hand to unpack your fragrance history and learn what you love before introducing you to exquisite new scents, many of which you’ll only find within the polished marble walls of the Sixth Floor fragrance gallery.
  2. Let the experts be your nose, or if you have something even more tailored in mind, visit the Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie.

Here you can enjoy an haute couture fragrance ‘fitting’ to discover your innate fragrance preferences before the search for your perfect fragrance match begins. Crave an even more personal signature scent? The noses at Roja Dove can bottle your own semi-bespoke perfume which can only even be owned by 50 people at once.
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Is Tom Ford Black Orchid a summer fragrance?

Where Should You Wear It? – Black Orchid by Tom Ford is a versatile fragrance, The exotic flowery notes and light citrus scent make it suitable for summer, but the dominant spice and vanilla notes make this fragrance perfect for the colder months. However, we think this fragrance is too bold for spring due to its exotic profile.

The top notes emphasize the citrus and flowery scents. The middle and base notes have a warm and spicy profile with bold wood tones and the mix of patchouli and vanilla that becomes more noticeable. We recommend applying this perfume later in the day for something you would wear in the evening. The initial lighter notes are fresh and suitable for the afternoon, but it’s best to leave the bolder middle and base notes for evening wear.

It’s definitely the right fragrance for a special occasion with its warm, spicy, and exotic profile. The subtle blend of the different accords can be very interesting if you like perfuming your hair, but we don’t recommend layering this fragrance with others because of its rich profile. How Does Tom Ford Black Orchid Smell The bottle and carton complement each other, reversing the black and gold color pattern but keeping the embossed ridges on both.
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Whats better velvet orchid or Black Orchid?

Performance – There’s rarely something as frustrating as a brilliant fragrance that doesn’t last long. You won’t experience such problems with these two Tom Ford fragrances, as both have quite long-lasting effects. Depending on your skin type, the soft Black Velvet can last up to 12 hours, while the sleek Black Orchid can last even longer – up to 14 hours.
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Is Tom Ford Black Orchid summer or winter?

Winter fragrances are characteristically much more warming than summer fragrances, with both perfumes and aftershaves taking on much darker and long-lasting notes. Winter scents often evoke a cosy feeling, whether you are buying a Christmas fragrance or just simply wanted to update your collection for the winter. How Does Tom Ford Black Orchid Smell Tom Ford Black Orchid One of the most well-known unisex fragrances, Black Orchid by Tom Ford exudes the perfect scent for the winter season. This fragrance commands attention with its long-lasting smell, created through a combination of warm and opulent notes. How Does Tom Ford Black Orchid Smell Jo Malone Black Cedarwood & Juniper Another unisex fragrance, Black Cedarwood and Juniper by Jo Malone takes on some of the most aromatic and compelling notes to create a unique fragrance. An incredibly urban cologne, this fragrance just sounds wintry from the name alone.

  1. The top note of cumin creates an aromatic start, before opening into juniper that brings a vibrancy to the scent.
  2. The fragrance finishes on a base of black cedarwood, bringing a deep woodiness and leathery finish to this unisex cologne,.
  3. Unconventional in the best way, Jo Malone fragrances are addictive.

Many say it evokes a feeling of stormy nights with a hint of woody outdoors. How Does Tom Ford Black Orchid Smell Lanvin Arpège for Women For the perfect women’s winter fragrances, Lanvin Arpège is a timeless classic that was first launched in 1927 before being re-launched in 1993. It is a luxurious, feminine scent that belongs to the floral woody fragrance family. How Does Tom Ford Black Orchid Smell Carolina Herrera Good Girl Carolina Herrera has long been associated with dressing the First Ladies and is known for her exceptional personal style. Her fragrances are sexy yet elegant, resulting in must-have scents. Good Girl, launched in 2016, is no exception to this. How Does Tom Ford Black Orchid Smell Dior Sauvage For the men, the ultimate winter fragrance is none other than Dior Sauvage. Already a popular choice for evening wear, this aftershave reveals a mysterious and spicy scent that is created with natural ingredients in mind. Bergamot and lavender are combined with pepper, star anise and nutmeg for a naturally spicy and sensual scent, sitting on a vanilla base to round it off perfectly.
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Is Tom Ford Black Orchid feminine?

Is Black Orchid Male or Female Perfume? – Black Orchid by Tom Ford is originally created as a fragrance for women. However, its scent leans more towards the unisex type of fragrances, as it fits perfectly and dries down differently on men and women. The versatility of this amazing perfume is something many will appreciate, but also something many won’t find as their cup of tea. How Does Tom Ford Black Orchid Smell © Image creator & owner:
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What is the difference between black and gold Tom Ford Black Orchid?

The gold bottle is described as the ‘most potent version of Black Orchid ever made.’ It’s basically an amped-up version of the black bottle, with the addition of ylang-ylang and golden rum to make the scent even more intoxicating.
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Is Tom Ford a luxury cologne?

Tom Ford For Men – Classy and luxurious scent that’s perfect for day and night. It was launched in 2007 and put Ford on the map in the fragrance world. This cologne was celebrated as a scent that mixed the modern with the traditional. The top notes feature a wave of citrus combined with spicy ginger and green notes of basil and violet leaf. Check current price Heart notes are orange and grapefruit blossom with spicy black pepper and tobacco. The base notes feature leather, vetiver, cedar, and patchouli, accented by amber. When To Wear It : This scent is versatile and soft. You can wear it in a variety of settings and seasons, though it is ideal in warmer months.
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How long does Black Orchid perfume last?

As it dries down patchouli and ylang-ylang notes become stronger. And then you have all those notes playing for a good 8-10 hours. And projection is great as well, scent will reach everyone in your surrounding.
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What type of scent is Black Orchid?

DESCRIPTION – Top notes Jasmine, Gardenia, Blackcurrant, Lemon, Bergamot, Mandarin, Tuberose Heart notes Orchid, Spicy Notes, Fruity Notes, Lotus Base notes Vetiver, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Incense, Amber, Chocolate, Vanilla Born of Tom Ford’s quest for the perfect flower, the iconic Black Orchid fragrance is a deeply seductive potion of black orchids, spice and dark accords.
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What is Black Orchid scent?

What it is: New Black Orchid Parfum, an intensified olfactive journey celebrating the iconic legacy of Tom Ford’s original fragrance, Black Orchid Eau de Parfum. Key Notes: Black Truffle, Ylang Ylang, Black Orchid, Black Plum, Rum Absolute, Patchouli. Fragrance Family: Floral. Scent Type: Warm Floral.
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Do perfumes expire?

Can perfume go off? Keys signs that your fragrance has gone off. Photo by on Does perfume expire? Can cologne go off? Does Perfume go bad? Are all questions you might be thinking about as you slowly build a mountain of fragrance on your dresser. However, if you have owned fragrance for many months or years you may have noticed that its strength has lessened, or it may have developed a strange smell.

So, can perfume go off? Well yes it definitely can, and all is not lost as there are many things you can do to increase its life. Not only this but there are a number of key factors that can determine the life of a perfume; the quality, the fragrance family and how you store it. In this article we will try and help you understand everything you need to know about how long perfume lasts and how to tell if your perfume has expired, along with how to store it properly.

DOES PERFUME EXPIRE? Photo by on Yes, perfume and also after shave do go off. However, how long they last depend on the scent’s chemical composition. Many perfumes don’t have a set expiry date and can last anywhere between 1-10 years. However, three to five years is often the average shelf life of a fragrance and most of Shay & Blue’s fragrances will still perform for the length of time.

According to, perfumes with heavier base notes will last the longest. Some people compare these perfumes to a fine wine—they get better with age. Examples of scents with heavier base notes include oriental scents, such as those with and, When the lighter base notes are prominent in a fragrance, the solution is often more volatile.

, and green perfumes, for instance, often don’t last as long. Shelf life also depends on how you store the fragrances. Perfumes that are stored correctly will last much longer than those that are not (more on that later). If your perfume does expire, applying it could result in an unpleasant smell, skin irritations or – in extreme cases – an allergic reaction.
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Are Tom Ford’s fragrances unisex?

Tom Ford Fragrances – Tom Ford fragrances are truly unique and in a league of their own, with luxury notes blended together to create the perfumes you know and love. The collection of Tom Ford perfumes and aftershaves are captivating, with intense scents that can last long into the night.

  • Nown for pushing the boundaries, Tom Ford has been creating fragrances since 2006, with each new release bringing something unique to the fragrance industry.
  • From unisex Tom Ford fragrances to scents more centred around men or women, there’s a Tom Ford perfume for everyone.
  • Look for seasonal favourites like for the summer, or for the darker winter nights.

Discover the intoxicating collection of Tom Ford fragrances right here. : Tom Ford Perfume & Tom Ford Aftershaves
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Are all Tom Ford perfume unisex?

Crafted from a unisex array of florals, woods and spices, Tom Ford fragrances are designed for both men and women – and they’re ideal for your grooming regime as well as your dressing table. Spritz rich blends of leather, saffron and raspberry, or opt for notes of bitter almond and clary sage.

Tom Ford has its roots in quality design: its founder originally studied art history at New York University before switching to architecture at Parsons School of Design in New York and Paris. Tom Ford founded his eponymous label in 2005 when he launched its trademark eyewear and beauty collections. Today, you can find Tom Ford fragrances housed in architecture-inspired bottles – a reference to the brand’s heritage – with tapered angular lines and spherical pillar-style tops.

Tom Ford unisex fragrances are renowned for their intoxicating scents. For a blend with a hint of sweetness, choose a mix of aromatic spices and tobacco flower matched with vanilla, cocoa and wood sap. Create an indulgent moment of tranquillity by selecting a Tom Ford eau de parfum with a rejuvenating combination of citrus, mint, thyme and wildflower blooms.
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Is Tom Ford Velvet Orchid men’s or women’s?

Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford is a Amber Floral fragrance for women.
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Is Tom Ford a male perfume?

Tom Ford is one of the most celebrated designers of his era. He launched his brand in 2005 with a mission to redefine modern luxury. The brand includes fashion, accessories, beauty and fragrances for men and women. Tom Ford is synonymous with timeless elegance, superior materials and workmanship. Discover his luxurious fragrances including Ombré Leather, Black Orchid, Costa Azzurra and many more.
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